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MVB to B[enjamin] F[ranklin] Butler, 13 January 1828

My dear Sir

I know your situation and <illegible> as you cannot but have <seen> as much disinclined as any one to draw you into the political vortex & if you were not in the Legislature I should certainly have addressed myself to others. But as your hand is in you may as well play a little deeper as not. I am astonished at the effect the resolution of the manufacturing committee has had upon the movements of our friends at Albany. I feared that its first impression would have been unfavourable but that so much could have been done by the idle ravings of Peter R Livingston was beyond my expectations. Before this time I presume our friends have seen their mistake & I trust their good sense & usual good feelings will produce a reaction which will make up for ^all^ lee-way. Before this a letter from here was doubtless approved in the argus placing the matter upon its true ground. In addition I refer you to a letter which I have this evening written Mr Knower upon the subject. Our friends ought to know that all attempts at explanation & persuasion with Mr Livingston are labour lost. He is now & has through out been against us. I have never for a moment thought otherwise. If after the full explanations indications already given of the united sentiments of the Republicans of the State in favour of Genl Jackson, Genl Root is still unwilling to take proper steps to give stability to that sentiment he must have arguments inducements which are not acceptable to arguments. If after what has taken place there should not speedily be an expression of opinion by our Legislature every thing that has been gained for the State will be lost. But of that you can judge as well as I can. There is not the least probability of a congressional caucus. Remember me kindly to Mrs B. & the family & let me hear from you.

In haste yours sincerely


M Van Buren

Jany 13 1828

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)