MVB to Claiborne Watts Gooch, 5 December 1827

MVB to [Claiborne Watts Gooch], 5 December 1827


My dear Sir

I have been confined to my room [. . .] day & to day & am not well enough to [. . .] much more than acknowledge the receipt of your letter. Your opinion upon Noah’s article <illegible> ^is^ such as I should have expected from you. I saw it a few moments before I left Nyork & my first impression was to write to our friends at Albany & advise them to rid us of all future mischief from the folly of the <illegible> Major (to speak of nothing else) by cutting all connexion with him but I restrained my indignation so far as to advise Mr Croswell to <illegible> in repelling the calumny. You have doubtless seen his article. The same language will be held by all our presses in the State. Your letter upon the subject [. . .] satisfaction to him I am too [. . .] to say a word to you about [. . .] here. The papers and their other correspondents will advise our state <illegible> a proud vote on the <illegible> question. All is well. My respects to the ladies

In haste your friend


P.S. Write me as often as you can your opinion upon the <points> as they arrive here.

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