MVB to John Peter Van Ness, 7 November 1827

MVB to J[ohn] P[eter] Van Ness, 7 November 1827

City of New York

My dear Sir

This is the last day of the election. It has been animated beyond example. The friends of the administration hoped to produce a reaction in the state by their success in this City, but they will be sadly disappointed. Already have thirteen thousand voted been polled which is three thousand more than was given last year. Our ticket is largely ahead & unless (which would be a reflection on the supporters of the <patroon>) an uncommonly severe storm of wind & rain that rages today operates exclusively against us our majority will be several thousand. The success of our ticket is absolutely certain. Throughout the state the Republicans have accepted the challenge which emanated from this City to make the Presidential question the test. The struggle will be violent but ^you^ may set down the following as matters <illegible> may be depended upon. That we shall elect a Republican Jackson (Or as we are called at Washington Bucktail) Senator in every district in the state, (but one being chosen in each district) & at the very last three fourths & I believe four fifths of the popular branch of the same stamp. So much for the old democracy—so much for the Republican Party of Newyork which has for years been held so cheap at Washington. I have never seen the time when we were so well united or in such fine spirits. Make my best respects to Mrs. & Miss. VNess & believe me to be

Very sincerely your friend

in haste


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