MVB to Churchill Caldom Cambreleng, 23 October 1827

MVB to C[hurchill] C[aldom] C[ambreleng], 23 October 1827


My dear Sir,

If I can see my way clear in the matter you suggest I will do what I can to assist you. Carter is in his heart agt. us. He may be induced to play the hypocrite but his nature cannot be changed. Beseech our friend the Major Noah to let the Morgan affair alone. I am sick, heart sick at his reckless indiscretion upon that subject. It is passing strange that a man so capable can commit so great a blunder as unnecessarily & unwisely to run in the face of so irresistable a current of public feeling as exists upon this subject in many of the Western counties. If there are any things certain the facts that Morgan has been murdered & that the body lately found is his are so. To this it may be added as equally certain that whenever that subject is brought to bear upon the election the Anti-Mason party will succeed. All intelligent men at the West admit that & the whole bent of our exertions have been to give their nominations the best practicable direction. In this we are constantly counteracted by the Enquirer & Courier. In so inflammable a state is the public sentiment in those counties now that many who have ^taken^ here most interest in the matter are most alarmed for on account of the the excesses to which the spirit of the people may lead. Reflecting masons see that the only relief to be expected must come from the strong feelings now afloat exausting themselves which must be the case if no attempt is made to counteract them. Opposition & more especially ridicule but adds fuel to the flame. They are therefore silent & themselves complain of such indiscretions as the last article of Mr Noah. It is calculated to do us more harm than all Charles King could do or say in a century. Several members of the Legislature have called on me this morning & evince feelings of the keenest mortification. They have their elections coming on, they are Jackson men. They know that if the anti-masonic feeling is brought to bear agt. them they have the remotest chance of being elected. Do see Mr Noah & beg him to save us from more mortification upon this only subject that troubles us in the election field.

Yours truly


Don’t forget my lodging & the wine

P.S. The only hopes of the Administration is to bring about a re-action in the state by their success in the City. You must therefore exert every nerve

Burn this letter


M. Van Buren

23 Octo 


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Editorial Note:

Printed in Friedenberg, "Correspondence of Jews with Van Buren," 80-81.