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MVB to C[hurchill] C[aldom] Cambreleng, 22 October 1827

My dear Sir

You have really disappointed me in getting the money from the Col. so soon. If you will come & live with me I will make you my collector General. Why dont I get the wine. Let me have it before Thursday at least the dozzen that has been drawn <off> for or that I give a dinner to all the young Jackson Bloods in the City. I wish to stay at your house but I cannot afford to pay $2 a day for my a room nor will it do for me to be stuck up in the garret. When I was there in the summer I had <no> one with ^a^ cot in & was comfortable without being <ruined>. If I can get the same room or the front parlour in the other house upon in the same way & upon the same terms I will take <them> it. I shall be down on Saturday morng. Will you speak to Col De <illegible> for me & let me know without delay so that I may if necessary look out elsewhere. Our affairs look in the very best order every where. The nomination for Senator in the 6th. District has been made. Grattan Wheeler the only Jackson man in the Legislature of 1824 is the candidate & will not even be opposed. I understand resolutions in favour of the Hero were passed with but one dissenting voice & that one surrendered for the sake of unanimity. The Senator ticket is now completed & the only man about whom there can be a question is Porter from the 8th & of him I have very little if any doubt. Of the election of every one of them there is no question. I can perceive neither sense nor wit in the Presidents toast unless (which can scarcely be possible) he meant by Ebony & Topaz to personify the slave & free States. Can that be. He is fond of obscure but bitter allusions. Is there nothing in the story that would confirm or destroy this supposition. I am not familiar with it & cannot at the moment make myself so. Look at it but at my suggestion remain with yourself

Yours truly


Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)