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MVB to Samuel Smith, 24 September 1827

Dear Sir,

I was pleased with your celebration & not the less so to learn the part of your participation in it. You will now be with your real friends you ^who^ will cherish you as your long & meritorious public service deserves. Our friends may rest perfectly assured that unless some very bad step is taken by Genl. Jackson or his immediate friends he will get almost the entire vote of the state. The hesitation which a few months since was visible in the Republican ranks has disappeared & the old Democracy of the State is rallying under his banner with a degree of unanimity & zeal that must carry all before it. The combined portion ^parties^ by which we have been opposed are greatly divided & will be entirely dispersed in our fall elections. Large portions of them are for Jackson & I have not a doubt that if the election was next week Mr Adams, could not get six votes in the state. This may appear extravagant to you but it is nevertheless a <reliable> matter. Let ^but^ caution & temperance prevail in our councils & I will answer for the result. Mr Carr’s account of your celebration is one of the finest things I have read for a long time. We will have it re-published here. His paper is certainly most admirably conducted. Make my best respects to him but by no means publish any thing I say at least not on coming from me. Bad wine is made of such things. Remember me to the ladies & believe me to be

Your sincere friend

& Hble Sevt


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Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: Samuel Smith Family Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)