MVB to Nathaniel Soley Benton, 5 September 1827

MVB to N[athaniel] S[oley] Benton, 5 September 1827


My dear Sir,

I sent a message to you on the subject of the Surveyorship by Hoffman which I hope he has delivered & which I further hope has atoned for my negligence in not writing to you on the subject. It is thought by many of our friends that the present is the most auspicious moment to put an end to the diversities of opinion among Republicans on the subject of the Presidency by a firm but temperate expression of the Democratic sentiment through the medium of the Press. All the Republican papers in the State with two exceptions are with us & such expression will I am persuaded take place & be republished in the Argus during the sitting of the Legislature. <illegible> Will there be any obligation on the part of the "Peoples <Friend>" to speak for old <Herkimer> on the occasion. A temperate & sensible article from that quarter would have great weight. Do me the favor to let me hear from you & in the mean time let this remain between us. I am happy to hear from all our friends that there is but little doubt of your return to the Senate. You will be much wanted there.

In haste your friend


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