MVB to Charles Butler, 17 July 1827

MVB to Charles Butler, 17 July 1827


My dear friend 

I owe you a thousand thanks for your kind solicitude respecting myself & matters which concern me deeply & many apoligies for not having sooner acknowledged it. Hoping soon to see you & being at the moment very much pressed I shall defer until that time what I would otherwise say. I shall be obliged to make my visit to your part of the country during the month of August & immediately after the first week in <time> as the Legislature <&c> meet in September & I have a long account of past in attention to settle with ^them^. My speech at the Wool meeting will be published in a few days & will I hope satisfy all reasonable men. Our prospects in this part of the State & through the union on the Presidential question are very flattering. Indeed there is no national doubt of Genl. Jacksons <illegible> election. Make my best respects to Mrs. B & to every friend Fellows &

believe me to be very

sincerely your friend 


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