MVB to Samuel Smith, 5 July 1827

MVB to Samuel Smith, 5 July 1827


My dear General

I am not so much in the wrong as you naturally suppose me to be. Your letter was rcd in my absence or I would long since have done myself the honour of acknowledging its receipt. The contest in this State will be very severe. We shall have a Gov. Lieut Govr. Members of Congress, State Legislature, Electors for President & Vice President & what is more exciting than all that Sheriffs & Clerks &c &c to choose at the same time. Those extensive & complicated interests require great caution in our movements. The Federalists generally & their presses with a single but important exception are all agt. us. We are a party state and Jacksons letter to Monroe with a supposed bias on the part of Mr Clinton towards the Genl. have induced much hesitation on the part of the Democracy of the State which has & can always <secure> the power when it chooses to do so. This circumstance has been the cause of high hopes on the part of our adversary but they will be disappointed. I have seen & felt enough of the Republican sentiment since I have been home to make me confident that we shall be abundantly able to supply all that is wanting to make the election of Genl Jackson entirely certain.

Your paper is edited with great spirit & ability & I congratulate you on the possession of it. Make my best respects to Mrs S. Miss <Shaw> & all my friends & believe me to be with much esteem




M. Van Buren

15th July 1827

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