Thomas Cooper to MVB , 5 July 1827

Thomas Cooper to MVB , 5 July 1827


Columbia S. Carolina

Dear Sir

Clay will succeed in making a great diversion in Penna. You shall have half a dozen or more memorials to Congress from this State against the Tariff. Charleston, Columbia, Colleton, Edgefield have already met. Meetings are going on; and feelings are becoming hourly more exasperated. Now for prediction & <illegible> prophecy.

By the time the Legislature meets, the members will be ripe for a motion to order our representatives away from Congress, if the woollen bill should be carried. The current of public opinion ^here^ sets decidedly that way. The next Step, which I think will adopted by this time twelve month, if the American System is pushed, will be, to separate & declare Charleston a Free port. All this is my conjecture (or rather my firm persuasion) now: what time will actually produce, I cannot know.

I will send you our resolutions in next Friday’s paper, and my speech in the paper of the week after.

Accept my assurances of great respect, & my best wishes.

Thomas Cooper


Tho Cooper


July 5

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