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MVB to Jesse Hoyt, 23 April 1827

My Dear Sir:

When I left Washington, it was my intention to have been back by this time: but the extreme hospitality of the Southrons, has rendered it absolutely impossible. We shall leave here on Wednesday morning, and after stopping a few days at Raleigh, ———, and Richmond, make the best of our way home. I have looked anxiously into the marriage and deaths for your name, but have not yet seen it in either. You will see my remarks on the Colonial Bill. I wish you would ask the Editor of the Advocate to republish them—and if the Major wishes to present his readers with a concise and pernicious view of that subject, AND IS NOT APPREHENSIVE THAT HE WOULD INJURE HIS FRIEND MR. CLINTON, he might do the same thing.

In haste,

Yours, sincerely,


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Source: OTARL Archives of Ontario
Collection: Mackenzie-Lindsey Family Fonds (OTARL)
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)