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MVB to S[tephen] Pleasonton, 28 February 1828

Dr Sir

I send you a letter from my friend Mr Worth who thought as you will see something of a wag is nevertheless a very clever honest fellow. My concern for his welfare & that of his family is such that did not indisposition prevent I would call upon you in person upon his business. I am not acquainted with his present situation as to money but know that before he went to the West (where he was for a few years a Cashier in <illegible> of the U. S. Branch) he lost every shilling he had by Indorsements. I have known him from a boy and will vouch for it that he is strictly honest. I therefore conclude that the impracticability of recovering the money from him if <ever> a judgment were obtained would be as he states it. As far as I understand the case from the papers enclosed it would seem 1st. That they gcontend that the Governmt ^ought^ not to enforce the demand on the ground of catches in the settlmt of the account of Edmonds.

2nd. That the Bond cannot be enforced on the ground of an informality in the appointment of Edmond, the same having been made by Gov Tompkins & not by the President & Senate.

3rd That you agreed or partly agreed with Stafford one of the sureties to take the note agt. Tompkins & <that> <illegible> was placed for collection where it now is by consent with the approbation of the District Attorney.

I presume Worth <tells> the matter precisely as it is about the probability of collecting that note. If upon the whole you can find it consistent with your public duties to take an assignment of the note & discharge Worth I shall be happy; for It would be hard if the poor fellow should <loose> the place he now has & be a second time ruined by his kind feelings.

In haste yours respectfully


Mr Clay is ^I believe^ personally acquainted with Mr. Worth & can give you his character as well <illegible> as <at> the <least>. 

February 28th. 1828.

Honble M. Van Buren, in relation to the case of Gorham A. Worth, one of the sureties of the late Paymaster Samuel Edmonds.

Ansd Feb. 29. 1828.

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Source: DNA National Archives and Records Administration
Collection: RG 206 Dept. of the Treasury, Records of the Solicitor of the Treasury
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)