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MVB to [Harmanus] Bleecker, 25 February 1827

My dear friend,

I am ashamed of myself for my remissness in what was due to our friendship & am gratified to find that your goodness has suggested my apology. I have shewn your letter to Mr Ridgeley, it gave him great pleasure & he desired to be remembered to you. Our session closes in six days and we have yet every thing to do. The West Indian Bill was under consideration yesterday & we rejected by a majority of nine the whole Bill reported by the Committee with a view of introducing a substitute but adjourned before that substitute was agreed upon. The administration have to say the least of it been very unfortunate in this affair & will find it very difficult to avoid the imputation of having trifled with a very valuable portion of our commerce. In the retaliatory measures Nyork will have to be deprived of her lake trade. I spoke at some length upon the subject & was gratified by the declaration of very many of the Senators that they had not before understood the merits of the dispute &c &c

You may rest assured that the re-election of Mr Adams is out of the question. This truth is rapidly making its way & shewing itself among all classes here & not the least so with the administration itself.

Make my best respects to my friend Peter R & thank him for me for his conduct in relation to the Senate election. Have the goodness also to remember me to the Miss Bridgens who are I hope both well. I leave here immediately after the adjournment for Charleston S.C. in company with Major Hamilton & will not be home before about the middle of April

Yours truly


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Source: N New York State Library
Collection: Harmanus Bleecker Papers (N)
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)