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C[ornelius] P[eter] Van Ness to MVB, 22 February 1827

My dear Sir

I have been ^here^ a week & a half, and being about to start for home, have concluded to drop you a line. Every thing stands well, & the prospect is grand, but there are latent difficulties to be encountered, and everything depends on your management. Gov. Clinton is willing to run for V. President with Jackson, & to bring what force he can into the field. He is now openly and decidedly hostile to Adams. This plan would suit me, & would strengthen the ticket in New England, & probably in Ohio, & possibly in New Jersey. But the difficulty lies with the republicans in this state. Many of them are opposed to it, & say it will destroy the ticket. If this plan does not go, I can not tell what course Gov. C will pursue. <illegible> Possibly he may be willing to go with us & fight in the ranks, but I think this uncertain. As I have already said, every thing depends on you. One thing more. This letter is written on the presumption that you do not expect or wish to run for Vice President, as your friends hue & cry is. If this is otherwise, I will do any thing I can to promote your wishes. I have had free & full conversations with both parties, & with Gov. Clinton, & could give you more information, if I thought it would be of use. I am, of course, after the conduct of Adams & Clay in my call no longer an Administration man, & have no secrecy on the subject. From the discussion now going on in the papers, I shall be compelled soon to publish a statement of that affair & shall then fully express my views & declare the course I mean to pursue. Receive this scrawl in strict confidence, & be good enough to let me know at least what it would be useful for me to be informed of.

Yours cordially

C.P. Van Ness

C. P. Van Ness 

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)