MVB to Perley Keyes, 14 February 1827

MVB to [Perley] Keyes, 14 February 1827


My dear Sir,

I have only time to say one word in reply to your last. The Republicans of New york have plainly to choose between one of three alternatives viz to go down with Mr Adams or to go up & take the lead with Jackson or to make themselves contemptible by splitting between the two. There is not, nor will there be any other person in the field & Mr. Adams’s re-election is not within the range of probabilities not to say possibilities. You & Wright & Flagg & Marcy & <Clinton> & a hundred others are more capable of advising as to the proper course for our editors now to pursue than I am. I would however in answer to your question suggest that for the present they should content themselves with making their readers acquainted with the real character of Jackson. For that purpose they should get a copies of his life. It is full of interesting incidents & they published with mildness could not fail of effect. Mr <Whites> short speech at the Washington dinner should be republished in all the papers.

Write me often & at length & believe me to be

Your sincere friend


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