Richard Mentor Johnson to MVB, 19 February 1827

R[ichard] M[entor] Johnson to MVB, 19 February [1827]

Senate Chamber

Dear Sir,

The amount of the loan which Mr Kendall wishes will be at least 2000$ at the legal interest of your state.

Perhaps it may be necessary to increase that sum to 3000$.

Mr Kendall will give his note to Majr. Thomas P. Moore or some responsible person, & secure it by endorsement or property or by both in such a way that when the note shall be forwarded he will also forward a letter or Certificate of one of the <illegible> ^<illegible>^ of the B. of U. States indtg that the note is good.


Rh M. Johnson


     The Loan at least one year, at which time he will commence redeeming it by such reasonable installments as the Lender may agree upon.

Rm Johnson

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