MVB to James Alexander Hamilton, 28 January 1827

MVB to J[ames] A[lexander] Hamilton, 28 January 1827


My dear Hamilton,

Indisposition & <severe> occupation in the Senate on the Bankrupt Bill has put me behind <illegible> with my correspondent. To prevent the possibility of subjecting you to the imputation of Mr you apprehended I shall not use Mr Jeffersons letter until some other time. Williamson is the place for you. But I have a proposal to make. If I am re elected (of which I cannot doubt) I mean to take a trip to North & South Carolina & Georgia & return through the Western states. Will you accompany me. You can now go under better auspices. I have told Major Hamilton of S.C. with whom I go that should write you on the subject. I will return in about two months and a half or less time. Consult your good wife & do as she advises. The result will be a delightful one & the Major & Calhoun will show us all that is good in S.C. There is nothing new here. The ^absolute^ certainty that this administration must go down stock & plate not being of that character. I see that malignant <illegible> Charles King is at his dirty work again. I thank him sincerely for his kindness & shall now complain unless he should be malicious enough to praise me. The House of Representatives are waiting with some anxiety for the Report of the Secty of State in relation to the accounts of Mr John a King when the subject will be taken up in earnest as I am told & give rise to a very interesting discussion. From the defense published in the Democratic Press & which I presume was permitted by Mr Clay & wife, that the payment to him is wholly indefensible. Make my best respect to Mrs H. & the young folks & believe me to be

In great haste your




Jany 28th, 1827 

M Van Buren

Urging me to go 

to <illegible>

from John Kings

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