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MVB Senate remarks on the postmaster general, 12 January 1827

Mr. VAN BUREN was not satisfied with the motion of the gentleman from Vermont. He thought it would endanger the passage of the bill, as, when it should hereafter be called up, other orders of the day might intervene, and the bill at length fail of being acted upon. If, after all that had been done, the gentleman wished more information, he should be willing to accede to his request; but, if this delay is to be made for the purpose of comparing offices, not of the same grade, he could not think the proposition reasonable or fair, as far it concerned the bill. The officers of which he had spoken, were altogether different, with different claims on the Government. The Postmaster General was at the head of a great and important Department. He knew he was one of the members of the Cabinet, and why he was not, Mr. V. B. did not comprehend. There was one thing certain: either the salaries of the other Heads of Departments ought to be reduced, or that of the Postmaster General increased.

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Source: <em>Register of Debates</em>
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)