MVB to Benjamin Franklin Butler, 12 December 1826

MVB to B[enjamin] F[ranklin] Butler, 12 December 1826

My dear Sir,

I have not heard from you. You must remember that I have work on hand to send documents &c to the lords of the Legislature & must not wait for news. Make a civil answer confidentially for me to the enclosed. I am not certain whether it is well or ill intended but as usual presume the former. You will of course make such a reply as will be suited to either event. Mr Wright Mr Keyes Mr Marcy & yourself not forgetting Flagg & Croswell must advise me as soon as the Legislature are in session whether I can with safety make my constitutional speech & therein reprobate strongly but respectfully the heresies of Messrs Adams & Clay on the subject of the powers of the Federal Government before my election. It would be most gratifying to do so & would concentrate the attention of the nation upon the Nyork Senator election to an unprecedented extent. Give my love to all your family. Tell Mrs Butler she will lay me under special obligation by a few short letters as she wrote me last winter.

God bless you



M. Van Buren

Decr 12: 1826

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