MVB to Churchill Caldom Cambreleng, 9 November 1826

MVB to [Churchill Caldom Cambreleng], 9 November 1826

Dear Cam,

We have triumphed at all points Gov Legislature & Congress your corporation trade to the contrary notwithstanding. You & Hamilton & <Wright> have been too much scared I presume to have done what you if you had had the true faith you would have done. Our majority in both branches will be large & Rochesters majority likewise. Show this to Campbell & my friends & believe me to be

sincerely yours


P.S. It is hoped & believed that <illegible> ^<illegible>^ has been thrown overboard. Genl McIntosh as Noah calls him has escaped for positively the last time. It is said but I do not know with what truth that he got off by surrendering Clinton.


M. Van Buren

9 Nov


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