MVB to Churchill Caldom Cambreleng, 28 October 1826

MVB to C[hurchill] C[aldom] Cambreleng, 28 October 1826

Steam Boat

My dear Sir,

John is getting better & I am on my way to Columbia to inspect the enemies forces about to be mustered there to day. The Patroon called upon me & informed me that Webster had written to him proposing a mess but that he would prefer to be with us. This together with the fact that after our total overthrow in 1824 he left Mr King & went with me to the great annoyance of the others leaves me no <illegible> alternative. You must write him one of your handsome letters stating who our mess are intended to be viz Drayton Hamilton McLane our nobleselves himself & probably Forsyth. What an a hyppocrite you are. You know the obligation to the latter and McLane which in reality it proceeds from you. Write him a letter stating our mess & inviting him to join it. He will decline & you will get off with honor, but at all events it is unavoidable. Slight, in these matters are more rankling than any other. We had a thundering meeting last night Sandford is the Chair & myself Chairman of the Resolutions committee. If your assembly ticket is not yet completed ask Mr Coddington from me to stand.




Mr. Van Buren

28 Octo


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