John Thornton Kirkland to MVB, 15 September 1826

John T[hornton] Kirkland to MVB, 15 September 1826

Harvard University Cambridge Mass.

Dear Sir,

I feel much regret that I could not remain in Albany, till after the thursday following this sunday evening, when I had the pleasure of seeing you at Saratoga. I should have been glad of the opportunity of meeting you again, & should have been able to avail myself of your kind offer to allow me to read Mr. Jefferson's letter to you upon interesting topics. I presume, now, I must not expect to see the document very soon, if ever. At any rate I must be without the light it would afford me, till I shall have finished the <Discourse> I am to deliver before the Academy on the 30. October. This must happen, unless you shall be willing to send me ^by mail^ the original (or a copy made at my charge,) to be read by me under what conditions you may mention or such as my own sense of propriety shall dictate; & to be returned to you after perusal. 

You will probably deem this too much for me to ask, & indeed I do not ask yet, although, if it Should ^not^ contravene your judgment or feelings to favor me so far, I should be pleased, & Should undoubtedly use good care & fidelity.

With much consideration,

I am, Dear sir

Your ob. sevt

John T. Kirkland


President Kirkland

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