MVB to Nicholas Biddle, 17 July 1826

MVB to Nicholas Biddle, 17 July 1826



At the instance of a highly respectable portion of the good people of this city, I have signed, and now transmit, the enclosed. Personally, I neither have, nor desire, any connexion with banks; and the sole object of my agency is to gratify the wishes of our citizens, and to promote the interests of the city.

Of the fitness of the proposed measure, it would be idle for me, who know nothing, to speak to you who know every thing upon the subject. I will, therefore, only say, that the applicants are men of the first character in point of business and credit, and that the present state of the city is that of unexampled prosperity. I shall be happy to hear from you as soon as convenient.

With great respect and esteem,

I am, sir, your obedient servant,


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