MVB to Charles Edward Dudley, 8 April 1826

MVB to [Charles Edward] Dudley, 8 April 1826


My dear Sir,

Messrs Randolph & Clay have fought a duel this afternoon in the neighbourhood of this City. There are a thousand different reports about Town as to the particulars & I have no doubt you will <hear> as many more. Dr. Hunt the surgeon who went out with Mr. Clay says that both parties behaved well &c. &c. All that we certainly know is that at the first fire neither party was injured, that Mr R. received Mr Clays second fire also without prejudice & then discharged his pistol in the air. It is said that some friendly salutations were exchanged afterwards but that is uncertain. The seconds of Clay were Johnson of Louisiana & Genl. Jessup. Randolphs were Tatnal of Georgia & Hamilton of South Carolina. It was known throughout the City that they had gone out & the excitement was of course considerable. The cause of the challenge was a series of attacks recently made by Mr R on Mr C.

Make my best respects to Mrs. D. Mrs. <illegible> & Mr. Brinckerhoff & daughters & believe me to be

Very sincerely your



P.S. affairs are waxing very warm here & will become hotter before they grow cold. 

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