MVB to Benjamin Franklin Butler, 22 March 1826

MVB to [Benjamin Franklin] Butler, 22 March 1826

My dear Sir,

I do not remember that Kane offered to redeem my mortgage in his Bill. If he did cannot the other defendants set up my rights to defeat his claim of foreclosure because in my rights consist their defense to his pretensions. But I leave the whole matter to you & Mr. <illegible>. Rather than have more trouble with this creature if you & Mr Van Rightor find that you can settle with him upon his paying my mortgage & my actual disbursement & releasing the rest of the property, do so. I leave all to you. I have this moment finished the last sheet of my speech on the Panama question When you ^see it you^ will have a <review> of the whole ground & see that we have neither labored wearily or in vain. Make my best respects to Mrs B. & the family & believe me to be

Most sincerely your



P.S. Randolph yesterday in one of his speeches upon matters & things in general related in his hard manner the incident of his sending John my little John to the Banks in Nyork after specie & gave the little fellow by name a character which if the speech is reported will find the little fellow to posterity with Sir John R. Ask Mr Croswell to <his> send his country paper to Mr Calhoun on a permanent subscription.


M Van Buren

March 22nd 1826. 

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