MVB Senate remarks on Louisiana land claim, 8 February 1826

MVB Senate remarks on Louisiana land claim, 8 February 1826


The Senate took up the unfinished business of yesterday, being the bill to authorize the claimants under the title of the Marquis de Maison Rouge, to institute a suit against the United States, to try the validity of that title.

Some verbal amendments, reported by the Judiciary Committee, having been agreed to in Committee of the Whole, and being reported to the Senate,

Mr. WOODBURY moved “that the bill, with the proposed amendments, be recommitted to the Judiciary Committee, with instructions to make the bill general – providing a similar mode of settling controversies, as so similar titles in all cases, with a general limitation as to claims under such titles, if not thus settled;” and Mr. W. followed his motion with a statement of his reasons in its favor.

A debate ensued, which occupied the remainder of the day's sitting. Mr. VAN BUREN opposed, briefly, the motion for recommitment. Mr. HAYNE submitted, at large, his objections to the bill, and his reasons for doubting the validity of the claim. Mr. RANDOLPH followed on the same side, and delivered, further, his objections to the bill. Mr. WOODBURY made some additional remarks in support of the modifications which he had proposed to the bill. Mr. JOHNSTON, of Louisiana, spoke at considerable length against the motion to re-commit, and its object–in support of the bill, and of the considerations, both towards the State of Louisiana and to the claimants, which made it incumbent on Congress to settle the claim without further delay; and in reply to those gentleman who had opposed the bill, or the claim. Mr. TAZEWELL replied, also, at considerable length, to Mr. JOHNSTON, and against the bill. Mr. VAN BUREN then intimated a desire to submit his views on the subject; but, it being near the usual hour of adjournment, moved that the Senate now adjourn; and then the Senate adjourned.

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