Louis McLane to MVB, 21 January 1826

L[ouis] McLane to MVB, 21 January 1826

My Dear Sir,

After your suggestion the other day, I tho't it barely possible that I had in the number of matters at the beginning of the session mistaken ^in^ my memory my intention for the fact, and therefore wrote again to Mr: Sergeant. I recd. today the enclosed answer. In my letter to him, I used duplicity ^<and>^-pardon the word, <enough> to say I had made the communication to you without committing him. My motive was to save any personal explanations hereafter, and even the little delicacy & slyness always attending such things <often> under the most satisfactory circumstances & with the best feelings. For these reasons I hope to receive favor in the eye of a diplomatist for this <illegible> act.

Yours very truly

L. McLane

Return me Sergeants' letter.

  • John Sergeant to Louis McLane, 18 January 1826
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