MVB to John Randolph, c26 December 1825

MVB to John Randolph, [c26 December 1825]

My dear Sir,

I am sorry for the omission but there was enough <illegible> <illegible> ^to^ move without it. I did not receive your note until it was too late or I should have been with you. I have two accusations to make agt. you the one for neglecting to send me the corrected copy of the Speech & the other for taking the shine off of mine yesterday by making one forty times better & one hundred times more interesting. Agt. this account you have credit for your kind heart yesterday which I beg you to repeat whenever occasion offers & the account will be fully settled if you will come & dine with us today. If you are <illegible> on this point let me know by the bearer to the <illegible> that we may according to the fashion of the times supply your place as well as we can.

In haste yours truly


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