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W[illiam] L[earned] Marcy to MVB, 17 December 1825


My dear Sir,

I have to acknowledge the receipt of a letter from you. The period has not yet arrived here for interesting political events but is rapidly approaching. Genl Root has made us a visit, talks very well and does not appear to have any wants to be gratified, I mean political wants. He is in favour of Young for speaker & Livingston for Clerk, does not think it expedient to vacate the Seat of the Chancellor or Chief Justice for Mr Clinton to fill. Lieut Gov Genl T. (entre nous) has been wonderfully importuned ^by republicans^ to become Senator as a step to ulterior objects. We have gained a glorious triumph and if patronage is liberally distributed to those who did not participate in the measures of Last winter all will go well, otherwise the devil will be to pay. It is important that we the republicans should have some one at Washn. to talk freely with the Prest. and in whom he will have confidence that a good correspondence may exist between us Repns & him &c &c. All this I suppose you have anticipated

I was most pleased at your promptness in bringing under consideration a measure subject which at some future ^but no distant^ day will characterize political distractions and probably cause political convulsions. I hope your efforts in the discussion of your proposed resolution will be mostly of the subjects involved ^in it^ and of yourself. I have conversed with C-l in relation to the expedient cause. He is right, a little regrets having expressed himself as he did on the message, but I do not recollect that he was incautious. I shall be glad to hear from you of this, You can always write what will be interesting for us to know but we cannot reciprocate. Whenever we can we shall. All appears well at present & I hope and indeed expect all will go well

Yours sincerely

W.L. Marcy

WL Marcy e

Dec 17, 1825

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)