MVB to Harry Croswell, 10 December 1825

MVB to Harry Croswell, 10 December 1825


My dear Sir,

I hope that by this time John is with you. It is now a long time since he has ben troubled with a depression of spirits such as doubtless distressed him when at NHaven & to which he was formerly much inclined. I have no doubt however that when he gets engaged in his Studies he will be entirely free from it. I wish to constitute you his guardian & would prefer that he should attend divine Worship at your church.

If there is any particular form necessary to effect these objects have the goodness to advise me of it. I will not trouble you my dear Sir with myexpressions of thanks for your kindess in this particular but shall flatter myself with the hope of one day having it in my power to give more substantial evidence of my gratitude. The little fellow has so completely buried himself in my affections that I feel the utmost sensibility in any matter connected with him.

Truly your friend



M. Van Buren Esqr

Washington Dec. 10 / 25

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