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MVB to Isaac Hill, 13 July 1825

My dear Sir,

I have spent some time in Nyork but on a closer view of the whole ground did not find our friends as fully sensible of their actual condition as I thought they were and as I am persuaded they will be in a short time. To have moved in the business now might have created a new schism in the party which I am convinced may be avoided by a little delay. I therefore contented myself with showing your letter in strict confidence to one of our friends who ranks among the first in point of [. . .] intelligence with advice to open a direct correspondence with you whenever in his judgment the condition of things in NYork shall render it proper to do so. I thank you for your hints on the subject of your new Senator. I will endeavor to improve them to advantage. Mr Bell is If I mistake him not an inflexible Democrat who never will knowingly become a party to ^a^ course of measure which have for their object <to> to <subsume> the spirit and destroy the influence and identity of the old Republican Party. I shall be most agreeably disappointed if it does not soon become the duty of all <illegible> to speak out upon the subject.

<It would> always give me pleasure to hear from you

Your friend

[. . .]

Mr Van Buren


July 1825 

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Source: NhHi New Hampshire Historical Society
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)