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MVB to [Sylvanus] Thayer, 6 June 1825

Dear Sir,

If Abrm. can be indulged with leave of absence for a portion of the summer consistent with the rules of the institution I will be gratified by his receiving it. His friends are very anxious to see him & I hope his conduct has been such as to entitle him to all allowable privilege.

I was extremely sorry that my private business (for the last few years much neglected) put it out of my power to meet my friend the Secretary at West Point and attend the examination. If Mr. Forsyth comes with you have the goodness to ask him to advise me of his arrival.

Accept the assurance of the great personal respect with which I remain

Your friend <illegible>


Printed in Edward S. Holden, Library Manual II: Manuscripts, Rare Books, Memorabilia, and the Like in the Library, U.S.M.A. (West Point, N.Y.: Press of the U.S. Military Academy, 1908): 47.

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Source: NWWPP Military Academy Library, West Point, N.Y.
Collection: Sylvanus Thayer Papers (NWWPP)
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)