MVB Senate remarks on Yazoo land claims of Ebenezer Oliver et al., 7 February 1825

MVB Senate remarks on Yazoo land claims of Ebenezer Oliver et al., 7 February 1825

The Senate resumed the consideration of the report of the Committee on the Judiciary, unfavorable to the petition of Ebenezer Oliver and others, together with the motion to strike out of the resolution accompanying, the word “not,” so as to reverse the report. The debate on this subject was resumed, and continued during the whole of this day’s sitting.

Mr. VAN BUREN spoke at great length against the claims of the petitioners, grounding his objections on these points: That this question had been once decided by a competent tribunal, established at the instance of the parties seeking relief; that it was against the policy of the government, and against the public interest, to open these proceedings, and, if they were opened, there was nothing in these claims founded either in justice or equity.

Mr. KELLY, Mr. SEYMOUR, and Mr. MILLS, each spoke at considerable length in reply to Mr. VAN BUREN, and in favor of the claim of the petitioners; after which, the Senate adjourned.

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