MVB Senate remarks on bill to suppress piracy, 2 February 1825

MVB Senate remarks on bill to suppress piracy, 2 February 1825

The Senate again took up the bill “for the Suppression of Piracy.” The following motion, made yesterday, by Mr. VAN BUREN, being still pending, viz:

Resolved, That the bill “For the suppression of Piracy in the West Indies,” be recommitted to the Committee on Foreign Relations, with instructions to report amendments thereto, giving power to the President, on its being satisfactorily proved to him that any of the pirates mentioned in the said act, find refuge in any of the cities or ports of the said Island of Cuba, or other Islands mentioned in the said bill, and that the local Governments of the said Islands, on being requested so to do, neglect or refuse to aid in the apprehension, prosecution, and conviction of such pirates, to give authority to the crews of the armed vessels of the United States, under such instructions as may be given them, to land on the said Islands, in search of pirates, and there to subdue, vanquish, and capture them, and bring them to the United States for trial and adjudication, as the said instructions of the President of the United States may prescribe: and further, to authorize reprisals on the commerce and property of the inhabitants of the said Islands.

Mr. BARBOUR made a few remarks against the principle proposed in the instructions, and also against recommitting the bill to the Committee on Foreign Relations.

Mr. VAN BUREN replied to Mr. B. and had no disposition to burthen the committee with a duty which was not acceptable. As there were many propositions before the Senate for amending the bill, he wished it recommitted for the purpose of receiving such shape as would be generally agreeable to the Senate; but he would waive his motion until the sense of the Senate had been expressed on those amendments; and he accordingly, for the present, withdrew it.

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