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MVB to A[aron] Burr, 14 January 1825

Dear Sir,

Foreseeing that it would not be practicable for me to attend to the argument of the Eden cause here, I gave Mr Griswold notice thereof, & advised him to see that Webster was secured. I am happy to find that that has been done. All the assistance I can give him, by way of conference, it will be cheerfully given, & that without compensation, but I cannot take upon myself the responsibility of attending to the argument. I could give you reason in great plenty for this, but it is unnecessary as I could not change my course in regard to it, and as you cannot, at this time of day, doubt my wish to serve you. I will be happy to see & be civil to the Count or rather Baron de Lyon.

In haste your friend &

hble. Sevt.


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Source: NHi, New-York Historical Society
Collection: Miscellaneous—Van Buren (NHi)
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)