Samuel Lewis Southard to MVB, 10 January 1825

S[amuel] L[ewis] S[outhard]1 to MVB, 10 January 1825

Navy Depmt.


I have had the honor to receive your letter dated the 7th. of January, and communicated it to the Commissioners of the Navy from whom I have received the enclosed answer.

Not having been in this Department at the time when the matter was referred to and reported on by the Commissioners, I have no ^other^ means of information than is afforded by the documents; all of which, I believe, have been placed in some way, in the possession of the Committee—who have been appointed to consider this subject.

It is not in my power to throw any further light upon this subject, than can be derived from the communications made at the last session of Congress.

I am, respectfully, &c.


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