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MVB to H[armanus] Bleecker, 7 January 1825

My dear Sir,

Mr Winne has written me on the subject of a consulship in S. America & having lost his address I am under the necessity of troubling you with the answer. Mr Adams called upon me this morng & told me that for most of the commercial places in that region Consuls had already been appointed, & that he could not answer the application unless Mr W. made a ^it^ specific, application in which case if the place was vacant there would be no difficulty as to the appointment. He stated further what I presume Mr Winne is aware of, that the office in point of emolument, would be of little account, & only valuable as a mark of confidence securing some portion of respect abroad. I fear Mr W. will find every important port occupied, but of those that are left Mr Adams will I am persuaded take pleasure in giving him a preference. The Presidential question begins to excite some warmth. Hitherto all has been quiet. The result is as uncertain as it was in the beginning. No one can be elected without some one gives way. Who that will be it is impossible to say. Clay leans towards Adams, it is believed but will not probably go for him unless Crawford’s friends should do the same. The latter will adhere to their man to great extremities. If Clays friends would support him earnestly his election could be easily secured. <Storrs> is out openly for Jackson. I will be always happy to hear from you.

Your sincere friend


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Source: N New York State Library
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)