MVB to John C. Hogeboom, 1 January 1825

MVB to John C. Hogeboom, 1 January 1825


My dear Sir

I have written to Mr Addison Porter on the subject of your letters. The ground is in a great degree preoccupied but not absolutely so. I will do him all the service I consistently can & have written particularly the state of things and advised which was left to be done. I have a sincere regard for Addison & his Father & would be happy to have it in my power to serve them. We know but little better here than you do who is to be President. There is but one thing certain & that is no one can be chosen without one of the three great interests give in. Clays course is uncertain but will be either for Crawford or Adams. Jacksons friends were most confident but that confidence is giving way greatly. If Crawford had recd. the vote of our State it is universally admitted that he must have succeeded. New England is decidedly for him next to Adams but as the latter has so much the largest vote they say we ought to give up to them. Crawfords friends can well agree to hold one but would find it difficult to carry their whole strength for any one man. You can have no idea of the caution and <anxiety> which prevails. Conciliation is the <intent> of all. Make my best respects to Mrs. H A.W. & Catherine & Corns. & his wife. My own health never was better. Genl V Rensselear Mr McLane & myself are keeping house ^in^ a fine and comfortable style. Wishing you a happy New year

I remain yours sincerely


P.S. I will be happy to hear from you as your leisure will permit.

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