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MVB to C[harles] E[dward] Dudley1

My dear Sir,

I write principally for the purpose of wishing you & Mrs. D. a happy new year. News I cannot give you. The Presidential question is about as unsettled as it ever was. Mr Crawfords health is re-established & his prospects far from desperate. The only certain thing, is that neither can be elected without one gives way. Who that will be we have now no means of knowing. Clay hangs back. If Crawford had recd. the entire vote of our State his election would have been certain. As it is if Clay & his friends could & would bring Ohio & Kentucky to him his success in the end would be equally so. For the present every body who is not already out keeps close. I hope our friends at Albany will stand still & firm & let the Jackson & Adams men fight it out, if they are so inclined. Genl V Rensselear and myself visited Martina or rather Mrs. Condit yesterday but did not find her in. We have a terrible storm today of rain. With you I suppose it is snow. I will extremely glad to hear from you & will write again whenever I have any thing to communicate. Make my best respects to Mrs. D. & Mrs. <Brinkerhoff> and daughter & Mr & Mrs. Tibbits and believe me to be

Very sincerely your




P.S. My health never was better. What of the trip to England

  1. Dudley (1780-1841) was a member of the Albany Regency and served in the New York state senate from 1820-1825.

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Source: N New York State Library
Collection: Tibbits Family Papers (N)
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)