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R[oger] Skinner to MVB, 1 December 1824


But two of the Electors were absent towit, Sage & Porter. Those vacancies were filld by the appt. of John Tayler of Albany and Wm. Mann of Schoharie.

For President.
Vice Presidt. Adams— 26
Calhoun. 29 Crawford— 5
Sanford. 7 Clay— 4
Jackson.— 1

The 26 consisted of the 24 elected by the Legislature on the Adams ticket, together with the two substitutes. The 5 consisted of Bailey Smith, Lansing, Cady & Russell. The 4 consisted of Brooks, Thompson, Sibly & Bentley, & Barker for Jackson. It was thot. that Barker remained inflexible for Crawford until he voted. Clarke, Baldwin, Mullet McClane and Cramer are on the ground, each having their man in charge. Several Agents of Jackson attended and did all in their power to effect a division amongst the Adams Electors, betwixt Adams & Jackson, Dorr who you know to be a strong Adams man, by the instigation, it is said; of Spencer & John W Taylor he was actively engaged in obtaining at least 6 Votes for Crawford assigning as a reason that he viewd Clay a very dangerous man, & in his own words, that the safety and prosperity of the American people required that he should be excluded.

Taylor was very zealous on this subject and did all he could to bring the electors to that point.

Hammond and others openly declare, that the Adamites have violated the most solemn obligations to Clay. That they stood pledged to give Clay from the Adams List eight votes in consideration of Clays friends supporting the successful ticket. & that so far from reducing this pledge, they have (as they say) by the appt. of Mann in the place of Porter deprived them of one vote. Lockwood said openly yesterday that Genl. Tallmadge for himself & in behalf of his friends declared in his power that Clay should have the 8 votes and that this declaration was made before the election & that Wheaton had done the Same & that Clays friends were induced to take the Course they did on event of these assurances.

Be so good as to inform on the earliest opportunity how the votes will probably stand betwixt Crawford & Clay.

In haste Believe me very sincerely



Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)