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John Williams to MVB, 25 November 1824


Owing to the failure of the mails for the last week we are without information as to the vote from Ohio & No. Carolina. If Jackson gets the vote in these two states ^he^ will go ahead into the H of Reps: & will be formidable indeed. He is with all his fury decidedly the most cunning man I have ever encountered. I speak from experience as you all will beefore the contest is over in the H. of Reprs: Altho I fell early in the action I feel a deep solicitude as to the result By the time this letter reaches Washington you will know how the final votes by states will be. And I beg that you will write me immediately. The devoted Jews never groaned under a more merciless despotism than is practised towards me. We have news from Albany up to the 9th inst. There seems to be no shuffling in the ranks among the Republicans and I count upon the votes of that state as securd for Cr I am alarmed at Clintons majority over Young. How will this affect you? What revolution produced this? I wrote you last winter that there was a perfect understanding between Jackson & Clinton. Subsequent events have proved that I was then correct. And if J. is made Prest. Clinton will be his premier. Both Adams & Calhoun will in less than four years go to the wall. The Republican cause is indebted for its overthrow to James Monroe. God forbid that there should ever be such an other Prest. chosen by Republicans. A letter under your frank would probably never reach me. Lewis Williams will direct & frank your letters to me. Keep me advised of all that passes & oblige



John Williams

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)