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Jacob Barker to MVB, 7 November 1824

Honorable Martin Van Buren

This mornings boat announces that we cannot get the Votes for Crawford if that be true which I very much fear, retreat I pray you at once & throw your whole influence into the scale for Jackson no matter how hopeless the game may appear it will succeed & do it promptly openly & boldly. Do not stop to count consequences I pledge myself that the author of good will be duly considered however much he may have heretofore opposed this may save Crawford as it will keep Clay out of the House, altho the probability is that it will make Jackson President without allowing the Question to go to the House. At all events you should not again favor electing the American illegible party if who ever does that the democracy of the land will sooner or later overthrow, you have suffered quite enough by yr past connection with them & you will believe me when I tell you that I most sincerely wish to prevent you from further injury in that act & to restore your influence with the Dominant party

sincerely yours

Jacob Barker

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)