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P[hilip] N[orborne] Nicholas to MVB, 31 October 1824

My dear Sir,

I have written you twice since Mr. Gallatins resignation, to which I refer. As the friends of Adams & Jackson will both vote for Mr Calhoun as Vice Prest. it will be very difficult to prevent his election. After great reflection I feel persuaded that the best way to effect this so desirable object, will be, to run Mr Clay. He need not be consulted, nor would his nomination injure, but on the contrary promote Mr Crawfords election to the Presidency. It would save us with Clays friends, and I should think (tho' you know a great deal better) aid you in New York. Clays aid in the house of Representatives may be all important, and himself out of the question for the Presidency, I presume there is no doubt he would exert every nerve for Mr Crawford. It will not do, for a variety of reasons to start Clay in Va. but I have no doubt she would follow. Now if Crawfords friends in New York, concur in these views of the subject. They should adopt some means to make it be known that they will support Mr. Clay for the Vice Presidency. Our election ^for electors^ takes place tomorrow, and there is no doubt the Crawford ticket will prevail by a large majority.

I want to hear from you as soon as practicable. The time of the electors voting is fast approaching, and no time is to be lost in ascertaining the safest & best course.

I am dear sir yrs.

P. N. Nicholas.

Write me word what are yr prospects as to the pending election—and as to what will be yr electoral vote for Prest. Where does yr legislature meet, & when do they vote for electors?

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)