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P[hilip] N[orborne] Nicholas to MVB, 19 October 1824

My Dear Sir;

You will percieve in this days Enquirer, Mr Gallatins resignation of his being a candidate for the Vice Presidency accompanied with a short address from our corresponding comtee. The ground taken by us, is the only one we could assume. The committee were raised with no other powers than to promote the election of Crawford & Gallatin. We had no right to substitute another for the latter. But the Electors who may be fully confided in, will have a right to vote (in consequence of Mr. G declension) for any person ^as Vice Prest^ they deem best calculated to consolidate the great republican interests of the U. States. In the present state of things, should it be determined by the members of the Republican party in other states, that the selection of any particular candidate for the Vice Presidency, will promote Mr Crawfords election, it would I presume have great weight with our college of electors. It appears to me that you should endeavor to ascertain what are the sentiments of the people of New York, & what, is the course best to pursue. If you write me yr views I can communicate them to our com^it^tees, and any information you may give me. This can be laid before the Electors when they meet, and will no doubt have weight in their deliberations. The great object is to secure Mr Crawfords election (by all honorable means) and the election of a Vice President being entirely a subordinate object, ought to be regulated by the main one. I write in great haste being much engaged. The term is close at hand, and I shall be glad to hear from you soon.

Yrs truly—

P. N. Nicholas.

Mr Clay is a good deal spoken of as V. Pt.) as he and Mr Crawford were both born in Va it would not do for her to take that step, but New York might nominate him, if deemed best, and Va wdould I imagine follow her example. This is my individual opinion at least. The electors however will be free to act for themselves.

P. N. Nicholas.

Resignation ^Declension^ of

Mr Gallatin


Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)