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Walter Lowrie to MVB, 14 September 1824

Dear Sir

Your favor of last month came duly to hand. I would have written long ere now but had in fact nothing to say. This state appears to me to ^be^ gone for Jackson. To the great mass of the people no information can be given as the papers are all committed or most of them for the Harrisburgh nomination of Jackson. The republican ticket will however receive a respectable vote.

To day I recd a letter for J. Randall. He has some suggestions in it that have given me some uneasiness. He alleges that Gallatin is a great injury & that the feeling against him is general. He gives me as authority the names of Dickens Forsythe Van Buren Dickerson Ritchie Burton & Saunders, & that all these agree that I should break the matter to G. But why have none of those gentlemen, yourself in particular not written to me on this point? I am willing to do any thing that may be thought best, for I go not for men but measures, still it is well to recollect, that ^the necessity of^ changes always injures those who make them, & the more so the nearer the election. I have written to Randall but informed him that without hearing from you I would not move in the business. If any change is made Gov. Eustis would do, or another gentleman whose name you withdrew last winter. Let me hear from you without delay, if any thing is done it must be done soon.

Yours with sincere esteem

Walter Lowrie

Walter Lowrie to MVB, 14 September 1824Walter Lowrie to MVB, 14 September 1824Walter Lowrie to MVB, 14 September 1824Walter Lowrie to MVB, 14 September 1824
Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)