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Azariah C[utting] Flagg to MVB, 12 November 1823


Yours of the 3d was not recd. until the 10th inst. and aiding to the bad regulation of the mails to this place, my letter will probably not reach you until the 18th or 20th: and you will be in possession of all the returns before that time.

A federalist of the ald school is elected in Franklin. Mr. Winslow, a rep. is elected in St. Lawrence, unpledged. Maj. Linch, a rep. is elected without opposition in Essex, understood to be partial to Mr. Adams for Presdient. I fear that the federal Senator is elected in the Soth Dist: the candidate, <A.> R. Moore, was one of the most inveterate opposers of the late war, & an enemy to the rep. party at all times. I have been elected in this country by an increased majority. I am not partial either to Mr. Crawford or Adams, but am disposed to do which is for the best good of the Rep. party & the State I am decidedly in favor of supporting the regular nomination at washington, fall on whom it may of those ^named;^ and the republican who runs counter to this, is a scismatic.

I wish to see a president who shall make the wishes of the republican party, the rule of his conduct, sufficiently seasoned with Democracy to stand by those who have stood by their country in hard times.

I think Calhoun, Clay or Crawford, are of this stamp, and should be gratified to see republicans united on one of them.

These are my sentiments, a view of the whole ground may vary them. I consider it highly important to the rep. party, & to the state, that the person elected, should feel himself indebted to this state, in a considerable degree, for his appointment: and if so, whatever may be his location, our Interests will be well attended to.

With sentiments of the highest respect,

your obt. Serv't.

A.C. Flagg.

Azariah Cutting Flagg to MVB, 12 November 1823Azariah Cutting Flagg to MVB, 12 November 1823Azariah Cutting Flagg to MVB, 12 November 1823
Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)