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S[amuel] Smith to MVB, 1 May 1823

Dr. Sir,

I thank you for the Resolution. It is conclusive of the temper of the legislature as to Adams but will give hopes to Clay. That gentleman as he passed thro: this City was asked, Will you be a Candidate for the Speaker's Chair? No, But if the House should Elect me, I will Accept. "Noli Episcopari." He is of Course a Candidate, and if he succeeds, will have a power which will Enable him to make friends. It will therefore be all important that the friends of Crawford should be at their Post on the first day of the Session. Can you take <order> <therein>. The Clintonians might have preferred Crawford to J Adams. They may not prefer him to Clay, and they may feel sore at Mr. Taylor failing at the former Election of Speaker. If Clay should be Elected Speaker it will be most important to him in his future prospects. Can you find me a list of your members Elect. If you can, mark with a Cross in the margin those you may think favorable to Crawford, and a mark with an F. those who are federalists, I find some <leading> feds in this City favorable to Crawford, at present. McKim thinks we are doing well but we have no paper in which we can write with safety,

your friend

S. Smith

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)