Roger Skinner to MVB, 15 February 1823

Roger Skinner to MVB, [15 February 1823]


You will probably have seen before the rect of this the result of the election of Comptroller Genl Marcy prevailed by a handsome Majority over Tallmadge. This event has rendered every thing safe and tranquil, a different result could have placed the Senate in no small degree, under the managemt. of Cramer, Wheeler &c who were Tallmadges most zealous advocates. The political effects you will readily comprehend, and a knowledge of their efforts occasioned more exertion then I have ever <Broach> witnessed before. Govr. Yates consults no one unless it is the Secty. His friends are few, he feels particularly unfriendly to you as I am informed by a person in his confidence, he never will forgive or forget the Man who prefered Tompkins to him <five> years ago.

I calld. on Mrs. Cantine yesterday. She is tolerably comfortable. Cristina is well and all of your Sons. Since the death of Genl Cantine, I have thot. that you would probably abandon your trip to Virginia if not be so good as to write to me and I will accompany you. I know of nothing in particular that will require your return to Albany at the close of your Session. There is a difference of opinion whether it is best to give the State printing to Leak & Noah or to Leake & Croswell. Noah will make any arrangement that will enable Mr Leake to answer his pecuniary engagements. That Croswell can. Independently of the indebtedness of the former, to sundry sureties, I have no doubt but what Noah would be the favourite, let me know your sentiments on this question

very cordially


R Skinner

P.S I am told that Sterling & Concklin are candidates also a Mr. Fuller a relative of the Govr & a former partner of John B. Yates in Madison, for the office of Dist. Atty. All of whom are Clintonians and of course ought to be postponed.


I go to Vermont on Monday & on my return I shall expect your Letter

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