Erastus Root to MVB, 3 January 1823

Erastus Root to MVB, 3 January 1823


Dr Sir,

My practical exposition of the constitution in relation to the 1st. day of the session of the legislature for the present year has produced an enquiry which has resulted in a general expression opposite to the opinion of the Chief Justice. Even the concurring judge now non-concurs. But we shall not have a quorum in either house till Monday or Tuesday next. I can not muster enough for a "corporal's guard." On the commencement of service on Wednesday I could almost say with Dean Swift, "Dearly beloved Roger."

The letter writer who intimates that you have turned your back upon Crawford I am sure is a liar. Your native state will not at present consent to elevate to the first office any but a democrat, & Crawford is the only candidate on this side of the mountain who can rightfully claim that honorable distinction. He is called the "radical" candidate, by way of derision. Jefferson was called the democratic or jacobinical candidate in '98 & '99 & by the same sort of people who now talk about "radicals." If they go on they will make it a popular epithet, as they did yankee; and afterwards, democrat, & lately, bucktail.

Let me hear from you often & believe me to be very

Sincerely yours &c

Erastus Root

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