MVB to David Johnston Verplanck, 22 December 1822

MVB to [David] J[ohnston] Verplanck, 22 December 1822


My dear Sir,

If I can be of any service to your friend Blunt It will give me pleasure to do it but there is little of favour in these matters. Mr King has written to Mr. Charles King on the subject of the Bank directors which appear to have produced much excitement; ^and^ I have no doubt you are correct in supposing that Mr Clay has some friends among you & that he may have more. A man of his character is not apt to be without them nor ought he to be. But whether his pretensions to the Presidency will stand the severe ordeal of public opinion, for two long years is an other question, and one which I think at least doubtfull. The halt made by Ohio is unfortunate for him, as it stops the current on which he is floating and a man like him cannot stand still long with out prejudice. As far as we can judge here, the early and rather dashing stand taking by Missouri does him more harm than good, by exciting jealousies on the part of the old states, which are as injurious to him as they would be if they were perfectly just. But at this moment no opinion deserving confidence can be formed of Mr. Clays prospects, in a few months we shall be able to judge more safely. The other candidates have their difficulties also & those too of the most serious kind. The present prospect is that the east will be for Adams the west for Clay & the South for Crawford & ^it^ will be for Newyork by & by to rally enough of them upon the old ground & save the party. To do this with effect it is highly important that she be kept out of the contest as long as that can be done without exposing herself to the danger of distraction at home or subjecting ourselves to the imputation of being governed by selfish motives. How long that can be done I confess I am not prepard to say but most ready to be advised. I shall be always happy to hear from you.

In haste yours

very sincerly



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Substance to J. VPlanck


Dec 22 / 22.

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